You will find below the following styles of music: Persian, Santour and oud, Santour and electric guitar, Far East Asian, and Avant-garde music.
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Persian music...

Sedaye paye aab(1) [Dastgahe Shur, Reza Madani]
(1) On a poem by Sohrab Sepehri (The water's footsteps - Les pas de l'eau).

Boofe koor(1) [Avaze Afsheri, Reza Madani]
(1) The blind owl - La chouette aveugle.

To Sadegh Hedayat

Gardan(1) [Dastgahe Shur, Reza Madani]
(1) "Whirling" in Persian.

This piece is a "Chaharmezrab", a rhythmic Persian musical form.

Gardan(1) [Dastgahe Shur, Reza Madani]
(1) Gardan with danse and tombak (persian percussion).

Nawal Raad (danse), Ershad Tehrani (tombak).

Sarbaze tanha(1) [Avaze Dashti, Reza Madani]
(1) The lone soldier.

To Mohammad Mossadegh

She danced in my dream [Avaze Esfahan, Reza Madani]

Benmy rokh ke bagh o golestanam arezoost...(1) [Dastgahe Mahour, Reza Madani]
(1) On a poem by Mowlana. You can read the poem in Persian on the Poetry page.

Souratgare naghashe chine(1) [Dastgahe Mahour, Reza Madani]
(1) Traditional Persian song (tasnif) transcribed for santour by Reza Madani.

Souratgare naghashe chine,
Ro sourate yaram bebin,
Ya tark kon souratgari,
Ya sourati barkesh chenin...

Doosh dar halgheye ma gheseye ghisooye to bood...(1) [Dastgahe Mahour, Reza Madani]
(1) On a poem by Hafez.

Doosh dar halgheye ma gheseye ghisooye to bood,
Ta dele shab sokhan az selseleye mooye to bood,
Del ke az navake modjghane to dar khoon mighast,
Baz moshtaghe kamankhaneye abrooye to bood…

Nâmé(1) [Dastgahe Shur, Reza Madani]
(1) "The letter" in Persian.

Unreachable [Avaze Dashti, Reza Madani]

Time steps [Dastgahe Nava, Reza Madani]

Nashenakhteh(1) [Reza Madani]
(1) "The unknown" in Persian.

Ashofteh(1) [Reza Madani]
(1) Persian word signifying a disrupted, emotive state de mind.

Noori bar faraze ahram(1) [Reza Madani]
(1) "A light over the pyramids" in Persian.

...Santour and oud

Introspection [Reza Madani (santour) - Mariem Bouchriha (oud)]

...Santour and electric guitar

Slide to the East [Reza Madani (santour) - Mike O'Neil (electric guitar)]

Destiny [Reza Madani (santour) - Mike O'Neil (electric guitar)]

Unbearable [Reza Madani (santour) - Mike O'Neil (electric guitar)]

Possessed [Reza Madani (santour) - Mike O'Neil (electric guitar)]

Infatuated [Reza Madani (santour) - Mike O'Neil (electric guitar)]

Drone fantasy [Reza Madani (santour) - Mike O'Neil (electric guitar)]

Abyss [Reza Madani (santour) - Mike O'Neil (electric guitar)]

Sunset ballade [Reza Madani (santour) - Mike O'Neil (electric guitar)]

Hallucination [Reza Madani (santour) - Mike O'Neil (electric guitar)]

Reveries [Reza Madani (santour) - Mike O'Neil (electric guitar)]

Vertigo [Reza Madani (santour) - Mike O'Neil (electric guitar)]

Emanation [Reza Madani (santour) - Mike O'Neil (electric guitar)]

Forbidden apple [Reza Madani (santour) - Mike O'Neil (electric guitar)]

The secret [Reza Madani (santour) - Mike O'Neil (electric guitar)]

Somalia [Reza Madani (santour) - Mike O'Neil (electric guitar)]

Subconscious [Reza Madani (santour) - Mike O'Neil (electric guitar)]

...More Persian music

Reng-e(1) Hashtari[Dastgahe Shur(2), based on the Radif(3) of Mirza-Abdollah]
(1) "Reng" refers to traditional Persian dance rhythms.
(2) The Persian music is based on a modal system called the "Dastgahs" (Persian word for "mode"). There are 7 principal Dastgahs and 6 secondary modes (called the "Avaz") derived from the Dastgahs. “Shur” is perhaps the most used Dastgah.
(3) In traditional Persian music "Radif" is a collection of some 300 “frameworks” (called "Goosheh"). The Gooshehs serve as a basis for all improvised and composed traditional Persian music. For centuries the Radif was passed on to the next generation without a written documented support. Today two written versions of the Radif exist for the Santour, the Mirza-Abdollah version and the Abolhassan Saba version.

Marsieh(1) [Avaze Esfahan, Reza Madani]
(1) "Requiem" in Persian.

Reng-e Zarb-e-osoul [Dastgahe Shur, based on the Radif of Mirza-Abdollah]

Reng-e Zarb-e-osoul [Dastgahe Shur, based on the Radif of Mirza-Abdollah]

Reng-e Shahrashoub [Dastgahe Shur, based on the Radif of Mirza-Abdollah]

Korde Bayate [Avaze Bayate Kord, Parviz Meshkatian]

...Far East Asian music

Chiang Mai Girl(1) [Pentatonic mode, Reza Madani]
(1) Chiang Mai is a town in north of Thailand.

Chiang Mai Boy(1) [Pentatonic mode, Reza Madani]
(1) Chiang Mai is a town in north of Thailand.

...Avant-garde music

Dalve(1) [Dastgahe Shur, Reza Madani]
(1) "Aquarius" in Persian.
…Strong and attractive personalities, they fall into two principle types: one shy, sensitive, gentle and patient; the other exuberant, lively and exhibitionist, sometimes hiding the considerable depths of their character under a cloak of frivolity…On the dark side, among the faults to which they are liable are fanatical eccentricity simmering anger and resentment, rudeness or, worse, a tense, threatening silence which may suddenly burst out in eruptions of extreme temper…(For all it might worth, the above excerpt is from “”)

Soaal dar Homayoun(1) [Dastgahe Homayoun, Reza Madani]
(1) Question in Homayoun.

Djavab dar Homayoun(1) [Dastgahe Homayoun, Reza Madani]
(1) Answer in Homayoun.

More to come soon...